Download Gets Stuck - WORKAROUND

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Download Gets Stuck - WORKAROUND

Post by noblemd »

V8B1 Windows 10 1903 Build 18941.1001
Downloading WORKS, BUT gets stuck

NOTE: This is a WORKAROUND, not a fix!
Step 1. IMPORTANT - (Very simple - ONLY 3 MOUSE CLICKS)

Before attempting to close NewsLeecher or perform any other actions (In case you have to END TASK) ALWAYS....

Toolbox - Advanced - Perform Backup (Toolbox --> upper right corner)


Step 2. IF this occurs and never goes away...

Did you ▲Preform Backup▲ (Step 1)? If not, do it now!.

If you do not get the ▼message below▼, go to Step 2a



Step 2a.

Did you Preform Backup (Step 1)? If not, do it now!.

Restart NewsLeecher.

After NewsLeecher restarts the download should resume

Step 3.IF After restart, NL displays a message that it cannot create folder/files.

(Normally, the download resumes after you Perform Backup & restart NL Occasionally though, this step is necessary.)

Delete currently queued files, Perform Backup, quit & restart NL - restart (re-queue) the previous queued file download.
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