Incomplete search results do not persist in queue

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Incomplete search results do not persist in queue

Post by deos555 »

One item to discuss that I noticed in beta 2 and now in beta 3 is that partial/incomplete articles do not persist when submitting a new search. I know in prior releases if a download was only partially posted it would stay in the list of subsequent searches even if the "show old" was not selected. You could however see the file size growing after subsequent searches. Of course once the file was completely posted it would then not show in subsequent searches which is to be expected.

The issue really is a convenience one. Some posters are able to upload much faster than others and you have to remember the list of partially posted articles and then search on them specifically with the "show old" enabled. I would think changing the search logic to ignore incomplete articles from being cleared would remedy this.

Just my 2 cents.

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