New24 and Raw06

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New24 and Raw06

Post by nurbles »

These are nice ideas but I have a question and an idea.

Question: Is there a timeline on when these will actually start to work? All they do is produce a 'no results found' message.

Idea: Since there are dedicated buttons for these searches I don't think they should be added to the Recent Searches list, especially since each click replaces the previous results. If the idea is to be able to save the results, then add them to the Recent Searches with a time stamp appended to the name so that I could keep the results from different days, should I desire.

Finally, on the subject of the recent search list: It would really be nice if there were some shortcut keys attached to some (or all) of the items on the list's context menu. When I am cleaning up the list I would really like to be able to select and press the DELETE key to remove, especially since I can use the up/down arrow keys to move the selection through the list. Why require me to reach for my mouse just to delete? (Yes, with a 'Windows' keyboard I could use the context key, a few more down arrows and then Enter to delete but that is at least as annoying as reaching for the mouse and anyway, I prefer my vintage IBM Model M keyboard, which doesn't have any of those new fangled keys. <smile>)

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