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NL unpacker not renaming files if they were deleted from the list

Posted: Tue Apr 28, 2020 10:41 pm
by Stelly
Sorry. Couldn't invent a better topic title.


If you have unpacker activated and you open an nzb, it will be added in the unpacker jobs, nzb will download and then the unpacker will verify/repair, extract and rename the file to the name of the nzb.

If NL crashes or is ended during the process and you then reopen NL, they won't be in the unpacker list anymore though.
The downloads will still be in there and will start up (I assume an automatic backup of the downloads list is made every time an nzb is added). However the unpacker from seeing the downloads coming in will still automatically add the item back to the list.

Up to there everything seems fine. The unpacker picks up the files again and does all the work of verify/repair and extracting.
But the problem is the unpacker picking up the files in that way from the downloads, doesn't make it perform it's last step of also renaming the file to the name of the nzb.

I assume when you open an nzb, you manually add the job in the unpacker list and give it the name to rename the file to and it remembers.
But in the code of the unpacker detecting from the downloads list, that step is omitted and it never gets renamed.

So likely solutions would be to either also do a manual save of the unpacker list when adding an nzb file so that it remembers to rename the file correctly. Or when automatically picking up unpacker jobs from the downloads list, also add the filename so it can rename it.