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Leeched files with same extract name

Posted: Tue Jan 19, 2021 5:59 pm
by noblemd
V8B5 UFR 2

RE: viewtopic.php?t=25606

Destination file tags other than <Group> do not work properly in Download Folder designation. <DateTime> downloads to separate SECONDS folder preventing extract - Other TAGS (such as <Subject>) create a Disk Save ERROR.

Problems being encountered with multiple downloads having the same extract name (such as "archive.partxxx") - Multiple downloads overwrite each other before being extracted. Files with the same extract file name have to be downloaded singly.

Request a <DateSuffix> designation ie. 2021.01.20.001, 2021.01.20.002... - incrementing for each leeched subject file so that each set of parts for a file downloads to a separate folder.

And a fix to D/L each leeched file to a separate download <SUBJECT> leech folder. This should be default to prevent overwrites.