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Beta V8 Count Button

Post by w_cleaver86 »

Downloaded Beta V8.4. Where is the Count Button? Without that, browsing is not nearly as useful. Changed back to V7. :(

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Re: Beta V8 Count Button

Post by Mibbler »

It's still there. It just has an icon instead of a name: looks like an eye and a "#." But I recommend having V7 and however many V8 Beta versions you want installed in separate directories. 7 and 8 have their own advantages and shortcomings. I usually use V8B3 but go back to V7 when I want to download headers in the Articles/Browse Groups tab because V8 does that very poorly. Both use the same Data and Temp directories, which I've relocated to another drive since my C: drive is small and an SSD so I want to minimize writes to it.
Del Mibbler

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