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Post by aj2703 »

I can't find The "Filename Mode". This used to sort my downloads in groups by the actual file name say for example the file i wanted was called Chelsea it would put all the files into a file named Chelsea. Now i can only get it to downloand and sort into groupfolders say alt.binaries.dvdr.

Can someone help pls.

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Post by apple99 »

Scuttle wrote:Biggest complaint with b3 so far is the drop-down menu, why the heck did that get removed?
I haven't made my mind up about the other GUI "improvements".. but the loss of the drop-down group selector is a big Turn-off for me...
I'm going to give it a couple of days to test further, but I think I'll be going back to b2.

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Post by Eraserhead »

I really do like the changes. They take some getting used to but the cleaner the interface the better! I believe the main buttons and the tabs below should be a little more separated. the tabs don't stand out very much. maybe a slightly different color? also like many said, putting so many fields on the far right is not handy. the user should be able to position them to his liking.

Only one thing I'm missing: the speed indicator in the tray icon is gone! that was always a good way to see if downloads are finished without having to restore the window.

Bugs: drag dropping from the explorer windows causes a non critical floating point error (NL doesn't crash) - this was also in the last betas.

Possible improvement: drag dropping from the explorer windows causes NL to freeze for the duration of the copy operation. Could this not be done in a separate thread?

Request: the Supersearch feature only allows to search from X days back. The possibility to seach from X days back to Y days back (with the default on today) would be very helpful.

thanks for your continuing good work, spiril!

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Post by zetaprime »

The new interface is awful. Please change it back to the way it was in Beta 2. Also, please restore the ability to connect to news servers. I was unable to even see how it handled downloads since connection was impossible. The drop down group selection menu is gone and the checkboxes for activating groups are gone too. Please put them back. This build is a disaster. I was forced to revert to beta 2 right away.

Stop adding features and messing with the interface and just fix bugs.

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On b3: nice, but please fix checkboxes & filter

Post by leechmulch »

In General: good work, removed some clutter, straigthened out some things.

x) we NEED the checkboxes for activation/deactivation of the groups back. i see that is one of the main concerns of all the other users, too.

x) having the filter on the far right is quite tedious. i use 1600x1200, so EVERY time i want to filter something, i have to go way to the right window border and find & hit a quite small textbox. it would be WAY better if it was left of the new icons (for binaries, text, incomplete, etc..). Because, actually, i bet it is the one MOST used filter control by at least 90 % vs 10 % for all the rest of the filter controls. And thats why it should stay in the center, to make it more accessible

x) in the group pane of the articles window, having all the VGs being expanded by default is also very tedious (i have 25-30 groups) At least give some possibility to expand/collapse ALL of them at a single mouseclick/menuitem. Best would be to start them in all-collapsed mode. Better than best would be to let the user set this in the options, whether to start VGs collapsed/uncollapsed.

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Post by enderw »

Ya the group drop down is a big one for me, i hated the group sidebar and now it looks like i am forced to use it :(((((((

I was also able to put the text filter bar on the same bar as the quick filter (binaries,text etc) now i am forced to use a seperate line)

Also, how come when i do contrl-arrow to switch groups it does not bring me to the top of the list

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Post by jokerjoe »

I know I'm just repeating what others have already said, but just to reinforce the strength of opinion:

a) need checkboxes next to groups back
b) filters not over to the far right
c) space out the tabs a bit better

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Post by thany »

Blèèh! I hate just about everything in the new interface. Why change a winning team?
  • SuperSearch on the main manu bar. Makes no sense.
  • Tabs no longer have icons, but I liked that.
  • Articles tab has "filter", but I just want the old filter combos, not this.
  • Text filters is not advanced. Filename mode is not an option if he other buttons aren't.
  • XPAT doesn't have a filter at all.
  • The bookmarks toolbar on the SuperSearch tab, I want it gone with!
  • Again, the same small filter box appears all the way on the right, is filtering so unimportant? No!
  • Oh, and what's with the group combobox?!

I'm gonna go back to beta 2 for now. This interface is just cr*p. Excuse me.
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Post by playing33 »

aj2703 wrote:I can't find The "Filename Mode". This used to sort my downloads in groups by the actual file name say for example the file i wanted was called Chelsea it would put all the files into a file named Chelsea. Now i can only get it to downloand and sort into groupfolders say alt.binaries.dvdr.

Can someone help pls.

I’m also a victim of the disappearing . I’m missing this option in the new Beta release.
Shorten the full names into only the filenames.
could someone tell me, how to get this fixed?

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Post by Mmmbacon »

Just to add my 2 cents:

I REALLY would like the checkboxes back
I liked the ability to select music groups only in super search.

Thanks for all the hard work Spiril....
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Post by Djm »

I'd just like to add my support for going back to the old GUI.

On a 19" screen it is now far too fiddly and I much preferred how it looked and worked in b2

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Post by platinuma »

Uhm this is the worst beta Upgrade , i just switched back to b2, i liked old Tree Grouping with it update Funtion , i don't need an Auto Updater to do this. Why can't i mark the Group and have it updatet by right Mouseclick ??? Where 's the right click Menu.Also wan't back the checkboxes ;)....

Sorry but for me it was the wrong Direction wit this beta you need to get back some good stuff from B2 !!!

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Post by dwazegek »

thany wrote:SuperSearch on the main manu bar. Makes no sense.[
The quick super search toolbar can be disabled View->Toolbar->Quick SuperSearch.

For all the people wondering where the filename mode can be found; it's under the options button in the articles tab.
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Post by focus »

I like the new Beta. The new GUI is cool and takes some adjustment, but I am relatively new to Newsleecher and still getting used to all of the features.

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Post by LaRock »

Kegger_CDN wrote:I guess I am the only one that likes the new changes, very intuitive to use.

And finally a way to add groups which is up front and clear.

So far I think B3 is far easier and more intuitive to use than B2.

User suggestions have been listened to an incorporated and I will stick with B3 and beyond.

Very Intuative ? How is a 3 step process (Highlight, Activate, Update) compared to a 2 step process (Highlight, Update) intuative ? How is having to go back to the Manager tab to switch group (Hightlight, Activate) better than just selecting a different group from the group drop down, while staying on your current tab ?

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