Supersearch Gap?

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Supersearch Gap?

Post by eekthecat »

There seems to be a supersearch gap, unless I'm doing something wrong... I see results from 0-30d and 400-2600d, but nothing in that 31-399 (ish) gap. Anyone else seeing this? (it isn't cutting off because of maximum results returned) It seems to have just cropped up recently...

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Re: Supersearch Gap?

Post by Destroyer »

Just did a test and I can see results between 30d and 300d OK. If you have something (or a group of content) in mind which this is occuring for you could PM Spiril what it is and he will check it out.
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Re: Supersearch Gap? Posts 14hrs old not showing

Post by noblemd »

Articles Tab Group update shows 14 hour old posts that SuperSearch is not showing.


Examples available upon request
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