8.0 Beta 4: Cannot disable spam detection

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8.0 Beta 4: Cannot disable spam detection

Post by nurbles » Mon Dec 30, 2019 10:55 pm

No matter how I have tried the spam detection settings, passworded RAR files are ALWAYS flagged as spam (by SuperSearch) requiring me to manually resume each one individually.

My spam detection settings are:
NotSpam.png (67.59 KiB) Viewed 7154 times
But I still get spam reports like this:

Code: Select all

-- [ SPAM DETECTED ] -----------------------
Passworded ( Unknown Password ) RAR Download Detected.

NewsLeecher has detected a passworded RAR file.


Passworded RAR Archive :


NewsLeecher will pause any further articles from the same article set, in the download queue.

To prevent NewsLeecher from detecting RAR archives with unknown passwords as spam, untoggle the following settings under "Settings -> Download -> Spam Detection" ...

1) Passworded RAR Files
2) RAR-in-RAR Files
3) EXE or SCR in-RAR Files
So, is the detailed detection message wrong to advise toggling those settings or is the program broken because it is not using the settings? Both are bad, but I hope it is the second and that it will be fixed in the next beta release.

[Edit: Corrected version typo in subject]

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