Error: 430 - No Such Article

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Error: 430 - No Such Article

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The "430 - No Such Article" error

A "430 - No Such Article" error is a message from the news server, not from the NewsLeecher software application itself. It means the articles you are trying to download are not available on the news server.

This is most often due to one of the following two reasons :

• Trying to download an article that is older than the retention of the server
• The articles have untimely been removed from the servers per a DMCA ( copyright infringement ) take down request or something similar.

If you are using SuperSearch to locate the posts, please be aware that the SuperSearch index is collected from multiple backend feeds. It is possible that the articles are available on a different server than what you are using (#2 above). However, in recent months, the articles are removed due to DMCA removal requests so the headers pointing to these articles are no longer valid. At this time, it is not possible to remove the headers from the SuperSearch index for these missing articles.

What can be done ?

If you are using NewsLeecher V6.0 ( or newer ) then take a look at the SuperLeech "automatic download" feature.

SuperLeech allows one to setup NewsLeecher to automatically download the articles of interest, minutes after they have been posted to the Usenet and thereby circumvents the "430 - No Such Article" problem in most cases. So, we highly recommend that you check that feature out inside NewsLeecher, if you experience the "430 - No Such Article" problem.