ERROR (Unable to create destination folder.)

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ERROR (Unable to create destination folder.)

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NewsLeecher v3.9 final

I found a bug that shows "ERROR (Unable to create destination folder.)"

What happens is that it will attempt to create a directory then the second changes and it tries to verify that if the directory has been created. NewLeecher log file:

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8/18/2008 11:39:18 PM Repair'n'Extract could not create destination folder: "H:\alt.binaries.multimedia.erotica.lesbians\!RnE - 2008.08.18 23.39.18 - DP_CCR_NT_CC\".
8/18/2008 11:39:18 PM  * ERROR (Unable to create destination folder.)
The directory it successfully created was

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H:\alt.binaries.multimedia.erotica.lesbians\!RnE - 2008.08.18 23.39.17 - DP_CCR_NT_CC
Notice that it is off by 1 second of what it created and what to verify if it created. What probably happens is that NewLeecher creates a directory then windows gives time slices to other processes, then when it returns to NewLeecher it regenerates the directory name to see if it got created.
The solution is to store the directory name in a local variable that it will create and verify using the local variable string rather than to regenerate the directory name again.

To see what is going on, see bug

I originally found this in Beta 13, but I didn't have the log files.
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