NL Unofficial Beta 11 doesn't load all headers?

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NL Unofficial Beta 11 doesn't load all headers?

Post by celxhater »

For some big groups, the headers only go back to 120 days when the retention is actually up to 400 days. Ive tried downloading 400-days-old articles and they went through fine. Is this a known bug? Or simply a limitation?

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Post by Quaraxkad »

Check your group retention settings. The default is to only save 30 days of headers, articles older than that are removed during cleanup. You may have changed yours to 120 at some point.

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Post by capntripz »

I have found that on the first download of posts, if you don't have the it set to "no limit" on the number of headers, it will not get all the headers and you will have to delete the cache for that group and begin again. Man, it's hard to keep NL going long enough to get boneless <G>.

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