Auto-join multiple files (.001, .002, .003, etc)

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Auto-join multiple files (.001, .002, .003, etc)

Post by CrazyDude »

I often run into binary posts where after Newsleecher (I'm using the latest beta as of Dec 8, 2012) auto-unRars them, I'm left with many "split" files that are numbered like so MyVideoFile.wmv.000 (this file is usually tiny and may be an info file of some kind), then MyVideoFile.wmv.001, MyVideoFile.wmv.002, MyVideoFile.wmv.003, MyVideoFile.wmv.004, etc., and a very few even go up into the 1000's. I have a utility where I can right-click on EACH one, one archive at a time and it'll join them, but it'd be GREAT if there was a feature in NewsLeecher to do that for me.

If this feature is already there and I can't find it, lemme know! I also looked a bit on here and didn't find anyone else suggesting it, which I found surprising.

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Post by JohnNL »

Download the free 7-zip program. Then right click on the xyz.000 (or xyz.001) file in your download folder and select "extract here". It will automatically search and find all the others and combine them into one file.

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Post by Smudge »

If the archive contains par2 files, you can use NewsLeecher's Repair and Extract feature to verify and repair the archive then join the segments.
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Post by CrazyDude »

I don't think you're quite understanding... Here's the situation. I'll download a large multi-part RAR, so I'll have:


When Newsleecher auto-unRARs those (or I were to unRAR them myself), which I have Newsleecher set up to do, that archive contains numbered, split files:
MyVideoFile.wmv.004, Etc.

If I use a 3rd party utility, I can right-click on that MyVideoFile.wmv.001 file and tell it to join them all, but that's not fun when you have say 20 of these to join. It's like having to unRAR archives myself. But I then get the final playable file:

So it's like an archive within an archive, except these files simply need to be tacked onto each other to create the final large, playable file. It's very standard too, so it shouldn't be that hard to implement. I could take a day out and write something in VB to do it, but I was hoping it could be added to Newsleecher, because at some point others would probably suggest it, it'd get added to Newsleecher and I would have wasted a day. :)

And to JohnNL, thanks but I have Newsleecher set to create a folder for each download. There's no way WinZip is smart enough to do this as a large batch like that. I'd have to do each one individually like I do now. But then even if it could, having to use WinZip is like saying, "Download WinZip and unRAR the files yourself also, instead of the feature needing to be in Newsleecher." That's what Newsleecher is all about, making our lives easier.

I can't believe no one else has mentioned this. I can even show specific newsgroup files that do this privately if the developer would like to add such a feature. Just PM me! I run into many of these per download session. It's not just a few here and there.

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Post by Spiril »

With scripting support in the upcoming NewsLeecher V6, it will be possible to implement such functionality.

By the way, there is also a manual 'combine' utility in NewsLeecher. It can be accessed from ' Explorer Tab -> Explorer Tools -> Combine Selected Files'.
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Post by CrazyDude »

Well that would at least make it possible. Even better, for me anyway, would be a way to execute an EXE and supply a filename to it. Then I could make my own EXE to do the combining automatically after a download. If I can do that from the script, that'd be great.

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Re: Auto-join multiple files (.001, .002, .003, etc)

Post by itsmewhiteney »

You can use the command line version of 7zip file manager which is 7z to compress multiples files into multiples zip files...

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