Leeched parts repeatedly corrupt, uppercase?

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Leeched parts repeatedly corrupt, uppercase?

Post by Quboid »

I'm finding the majority of the large files I download (found through SuperSearch or NZB websites) come out with many of the file parts corrupt.

For example, I've been leeching a large file, many of the parts are very corrupt (typically only around 20% of the blocks available in the first 59 of 95 files, the other 36 are fine). I notice the broken ones have upper-case file names and it had a different background color (gray/brown, rather than light green) in the Newsleecher client, but otherwise Newsleecher gives no indication that anything is wrong, or why. There's nowhere near enough PAR files to repair this disaster.

I've also had several downloads finish ridiculously fast, downloading 300MB parts in a matter of seconds which is faster than my connection can handle. These are utterly useless of course, but the thing is, this isn't just the file being corrupt on your server - even if the servers copies are repeatedly corrupt or someone is deliberately uploading broken files, this doesn't explain how Newsleecher downloads junk faster than is possible. In fact I just downloaded 600MB of junk in 10 seconds, while the status bar said the current speed is 32.7KB/s.

This isn't just one file. Some downloads have been successful, although even they typically need repaired - that's simple enough. Most downloads, however, have failed and if I didn't have unlimited data access, I'd be livid! My 14GB trial was wasted.

I have your main client + server access deal and I'm on a 50Mbit/s connection using Newsleecher v5.0 b16 RC1. I am a newbie, although I have used Giganews in the past with no problems (bar their horrendous pricing!). I can't find any sort of documentation to explain why this is or to even warn me as to what this is, or why the row colors were different ... or pretty much anything!

I'm very confused, I presume your service is a heck of a lot better than the impression I am getting but for reasons unknown and apparently undocumented, I'm getting rubbish the majority of the time.

Edit: I've just noticed the logs tab. It is giving 430 errors, saying parts of format "unknown" have "No such article". Why did SuperSearch think it was OK?

Also, I ticked the box on the search to download the file but I've noticed that some of the parts aren't being queued. Why not? If I queue them manually, it says initialising and then OK, without downloading it with the log saying "None of the article parts were available on the server(s) anymore (430 No Such Article)".

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Post by BlizzardUK »

I am 99% sure this is a DMCA removal issue (the insanely fast speed downloading issue definitely is, the corrupt issue may or may not be). Best test would be to download various things from a newsgroup like alt.binaries.freeware. If you download demos or freeware from that group and never get the error, then it seems very much like DMCA. From my experiments you get 430, Uppercase, DMCA and similar messages for take-downs. Since October this has been automated by Astraweb and so files are going down before even being fully uploaded.

The problems happen with Newsbin too, I have both software so have done tests. So this is NOT a newsreader problem.

I really think this issue should be stickied by the staff here as I keep posting the same reply to many recent posts. Lots will be having this problem.

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Post by marvel2020 »

Gotta agree, try searching for any latest games, I don't think you will find any.

Even searching for TV episode's has become frustrating, I'm now having to reply more on torrents to get them.

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Post by MRGB »

I have exactly the same issue as Quboid.

I was using newshosting.com as my server and before looking around I jumped to a different provider newsdemond.com but I have the same problem.

Iam guessing that this is all to do with DMCA.

Iam having to pick up bits with torents which is a shame

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Post by Swiper »

DCMA is getting news hosters to remove content it feels is breaking any laws as far as copyrights go

news posters will need to use different naming format to bypass these filters or new 'methods' of posting will be needed

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Post by kel »

This thread is coming dangerously close to the blatant discussion of piracy rather than legal uses.
Seriously wish the missing features of local search and the features that have been broken/removed from local search but left in or in some cases improved on the SuperSearch would be fixed/restored and improved upon on for local search. - More details: http://www.newsleecher.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=9&p=127938#p127938

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