NL7B10 PAR2 files are moved to the top

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NL7B10 PAR2 files are moved to the top

Post by thany »

PAR2 files are being moved to the top so they get added to R&E immediately.

What's the deal with this? Why is this shitty option enabled by default? It makes downloading multiple parsets extremely slow! My recently-bought Skylake-based pc is brought to its knees just by downloading a couple of parsets. Incredible. Was this ever tested?

The real problem here is that R&E is continously checking for every new file if it belongs to any of the registered parsets.

If this "move par2 files to the top" is an option, it should actually make R&E a "bit" more intelligent about what belongs to what and not slow down NL to a crawl.
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Re: NL7B10 PAR2 files are moved to the top

Post by LordCrc »

Sadly it's not a separate option, but if you have a good internet connection it may not matter.

It's baked into the "Auto PAR2 Queue Handling" in Settings -> Repair/Extract page.

Disabling this prevents it from moving the "root" PAR2 file up, however it also disables pausing and unpausing the remaining PAR2 files on demand.

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