Seeking par2 guidance

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Seeking par2 guidance

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I am seeking par2 command line guidance but please accept my apologies if this is not the correct forum. I have struggled to find a suitable forum.

I am using a batch file on a Windows 10 computer to scan a folder structure up to three deep and to create par2 files in each folder just for the folder's contents. The individual files are static with no changes, though the folder structure does extend with new folders and contents.

This appears to be working well but with a couple of oddities which I cannot understand.

If I run the batch file some time later (maybe a week or a month) a significant number of new pars are created in folders which, to my knowledge, should not have changed. The batch file has not changed so the instructions are the same. So much so that this last run needed overnight to complete. When I checked in the morning it had completed but to be sure, I pressed the up-arrow key in cmd to repeat the command, pressed enter and it started to create more pars, taking something over ten minutes to complete. On doing it again, it did not create any further pars.

I don't believe the files changed overnight so why would new pars be created? And why would so many pars be needed a month later when, again, nothing should have changed in 'old' folders and the 'new' folder content should have taken only ten minutes or so to create new pars?

I'd be grateful for any comments you have please. I have pasted the batch file below.

Thank you.

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