No results from Supersearch

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No results from Supersearch

Post by GChand »

At this time, no results at all from SS for 8.5+ hours.
"New24" last post 8h 47m, Raw06 = zero results returned. It looks like SS was down about 12 hours ago as well.

I loaded headers from boneless to test and that appears to be OK so this is strictly a SS issue. I'd be curious to know what results others are getting. Can anyone confirm?


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Re: No results from Supersearch

Post by weetibix »

yeah I'm getting the same - searching with no results - been like it all day

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Re: No results from Supersearch

Post by antoninb111 »

The hard drive in Spiril's laptop crashed. They need to upgrade to SSD.

Tennessee Jed
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I'm Done!

Post by Tennessee Jed »

I have been with NL for a very long time. The Supersearch service is pretty much useless. It's been that way for over a year. They advertise over 4000 days of retention but any search I do returns few if any results and those seem to be limited to the last couple of years. Just to be sure I also signed up for their Usenet service but get no better results than with the astraweb and easynews services I have been using for years. It was good back in the day but it's turned to sTuff. I can't justify the cost. Bye!

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