As RuneScape has a declining population

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As RuneScape has a declining population

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Just a quick poll. I know that Yelp of Irritation's purchase of RuneScape gold spins can be irritating to many. Do you think this will bother new users as well? Will they see it as part of the game? It will be an obstacle for those who know the basics however it won't make things any worse for those who do not.

Does skill seem less or be accepted as part of normal gameplay? It's really irksome for me that it matters to new players. It might be an advantage to them that grinding can be stopped every now and again with a bit more money. Do these skills really diminish once the initial money is used up?

In all honesty, I believe that it will be a huge benefit for me. It's probably a regrettable reference, but I used to have certain amount of daily dailies each day when I was playing Neopets. These were all free to play and offered the chance for huge reward. For years, I practiced them daily. They're still something that I do from time-to-time. Free stuff, that's somewhat exciting and may also reward can be sold.

You've made an excellent point. This is something I've never thought about. I think it's a reasonable method of letting people enjoy real-world munny...which doesn't make sense for those of us who've been working hard to improve our levels over the years. However, I'm sure Jagex sees all the complaints here regarding "the grind" and so they THINK that offering exp. points from contests for givaways (like SoF) as well as quest rewards, and letting players advance without having to work for the same is exactly what they are looking for.

Many online games are experiencing an increase in subscriptions to pay-per-play services due to economic hardship. This is a pity, as RuneScape has a declining population. Jagex wants to see an excellent game that generates a profit for them and their shareholders. As gamers, we both respect Jagex's business interests and embrace the game that made us consumers of Jagex initially. We care deeply about the future of buy old school runescape gold Jagex as well as the game that we all love so much.

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Re: As RuneScape has a declining population

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