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The Perfect Match

Software + Powerful Search & Auto Download

The first part of the "match" is the NewsLeecher Usenet software and the integrated sevices, SuperSearch and SuperLeech.

The NewsLeecher Usenet software is a top awarded Usenet client that makes Usenet downloading and browsing a breeze. The integrated search service, SuperSearch, is extremely powerful and makes it easy find exactly what you are looking for, within seconds. And with the newly integrated SuperLeech service, you can make sure that contents you are looking for, will automatically be downloaded within minutes after it has been posted to the Usenet.

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All you need for the
complete Usenet experience.
When you combine the NewsLeecher Usenet software together with our powerful search and auto-download tools, plus the unlimited Usenet access service, you get the ultimate Usenet plan.
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Premium Unlimited Usenet Access Service

The second part of the "match" is the premium unlimited Usenet access service.

Together with the software and the associated search and auto-download services, it provides a complete solution for accessing the Usenet. The service is state-of-the-art and delivers some of the best specs in the business. World leading retention. No speed or download limits. Secure connections. Great privacy, etc..

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November 15, 2019

We are currently making some major upgrades to the SuperSearch engine. Optimizing the code and cleaning up a lot of spam postings, to make room for much more retention.
Unfortunately, an optimized build of the engine, caused SuperSearch to freeze for some hours, so the service could not be used.

Also, though unrelated, we had a temporary issue with our payment gateway, causing problems for new customers signing up for a NewsLeecher account and for current customers, who wanted to update credit card info via the NewsLeecher "Members Area".

Both of these issues have been fixed now. Sorry for the inconvenience.

October 20, 2019

During the next few days, we are moving the NewsLeecher website and the SuperSearch search service, to new, much more powerful, servers.

While the move is on-going, there might be times where the NewsLeecher website is not accessible. This issue should solve itself, within a couple of hours, as the new NewsLeecher domain IP address gets fully propagated.

Also, if you have problems getting in contact with the SuperSearch search service, from within the NewsLeecher application, please try restarting NewsLeecher and see if that helps.
If it doesn't, please conctact NewsLeecher support.

Sorry for the temporary issues, but we have to make the upgrades now, to make sure we can keep the services up-to-date in the future, in regards to SuperSearch speed, retention, etc.

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